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Freedom and Justice

The Freedom and Justice Collection, tells America, get used to me. I am confident and competent. I will be successful in this country on my terms not yours. Wearing my natural hair, using my vernacular and not code switching, and expressing my unique culture. Embrace me America, I am the essential ingredient of this melting pot. Expressing my individualism and remaining unassimilated.

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American history in schools is often whitewashed and topics such as Jim Crow, Segregation and Redlining are omitted and ignored. This shapes the biases in our minds about Black Americans and all racial groups. Racialization is the structuring of our society into a racialized system. Racial biases are an effect of the racialized system, while racism is just one form of racial bias that reproduces and maintains racial inequalities. The Miseducation collection exposes what they didn't teach us in school.

Owners and Bosses

In capitalist America, ownership is freedom. This collection inspires the art of grinding and hustling, and in the words of the late great Prince, "own your masters." Fuck rich, let's get wealthy. From employee to self-employed, to business owner. For we are children of capitalism who know it's levels to this life!

Rich and Still Ghetto

The Rich and Still...collection represents remaining authentic regardless of your level of success. Whether you are Rich and Still Ghetto, or Rich and Still Country, its being true to your roots and never forgetting where you come from because your past shaped who you are. It means never treating others who may have not achieved your definition of success in a condescending manner. In other words-- just keeping it 100!

Stay Woke

Stay Woke collection is like putting on the sunglasses of equality and seeing how events are being concealed and people are being manipulated to accept and normalize inequality as the status quo. Know and understand America's true history of racialization and how racism permeated all of our social institutions. Focus on facts not feelings. From the slave owning founding fathers to the manufacturing of the blue-eyed and blond hair Jesus, and the myth that since passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, everyone now has equal opportunity-- Don't sleep, stay woke!